Digital Stratergy

Ethnographic research:

Ethnographic research enables you to understand consumer behavior, attitude and beliefs. It is conducted to get an insight about the market trends. You can demonstrate the relationship of your brand with cultural context.

Web analytics:

Web analytics is measurement of site statistics and analysis of traffic behavior. It is used for finding the right target audience, tracking market campaigns and business goals online. It also helps in improving Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Funnel analysis:

Funnel analysis is a method of mapping out and analyzing series of steps to reach a desired outcome on website. These outcomes include advertising-to-purchase journey in online advertising. It shows where your customers are dropping off during the conversion path. Funnel analysis is a very powerful marketing tool.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) involves all the strategies, technologies, tools and techniques used by companies to analyze its own interactions with past, current and potential customers. It is important for improving business relationships. It allows a company to stay connected to the customers, boost profitability and streamline processes.



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